Bike Transport Bag - Soft
Product code: SAK_01

Bike Transport Bag with soft cover. Specially designed for transport of a bike in a car, plane, etc. It perfectly protects equipment against damages as it is made of high quality CARBON material. Special sponge of double thickness was additionally used between material layers. Cover for bike possesses inside pockets for wheels on both sides.

In the bottom part of a bag, from its left to right side there is a strengthened double-sided zip, edges and material connections are additionally strengthened by BIZA material.

Braces are carried from the bottom, they can be regulated.

Key features:

  • 85x118x28 cm
  • pockets for wheels
  • double-sided zip
  • additionally strengthened edges
  • double thickness
  • regulated braces
  • for bikes in size 49 – 61
  • no need to dismantle the saddle and steering wheel


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